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About us

Transaction Consulting is a Boutique Advisory Firm with ample experience in consulting, buying and selling businesses as well as IPO-preparation

  • The Company was founded in 2010 by Marcus Garbe and is based in Zurich.
  • We work primarily in the technology sector and have extensive experience working with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to corporates.
  • We speak our clients’ language of business. The value for our clients is our work as interface and „translator“ to the benefit of our clients.
  • Significant experience in working with entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals.




Growth Strategy projects based on our superior sector knowledge including strategy advisory, development of business plans and first round execution

  • We are pragmatic about methodology but passionate about business. We understand our clients business and get deeply involved in their specific business issues.
  • Based on our quantitative working methods we develop sustainable strategies, which secure a long run business orientation, even in dynamic competitive environments.
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Transaction Advisory

We assist companies and entrepreneurs with growth funding, M&A as well as IPO- and trade-sale preparation

  • Small- and Mid-cap M&A as well as transactions, both selling and buying, for which our clients value the combination of deep sector / strategic knowledge and pragmatic working methodology.
  • We provide superior service thanks to our experienced senior team (each 20+ years experience), entrepreneurial spirit and extensive network.
  • We are frequently engaged as a workbench, supporting corporate strategy and M&A departments of leading corporates with specific Due-Diligence modules.
  • IPO- and trade-sale preparation incl steering the entire process as project manager together with internal staff and departments. Advantage: enables executive management to focus on the daily business and investor relations.
  • Advise and execution of structuring, succession planning and Fiduciary Services for entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals.
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Typical clients

We work primarily in the technology sector and have extensive experience working with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to corporates

  • Businesses operating in technology sector, particularly companies at growth stage.
  • Financial sponsors (typically private equity and venture funds).
  • Corporates seeking to grow their business via investment or acquisitions.
  • Fast growing company planning public listing or trade-sale.
  • Entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals wanting to expand or sell their business and need advice for structuring and succession planning.


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Entertainment and Ticketing

Strong footprint in the Live Entertainment and Ticketing sector

  • Strategy, portfolio optimization and growth initiative for a subsidiary of a Swiss Blue-Chip company (growth initiative to boost revenues x4 until 2020).
  • Trade-Sale: Starticket sold to Tamedia AG.
  • Joint Venture: Reservix merged with AdTicket.
  • Asset deal: Ticketportal (B2C) sold to Starticket.
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Digital Transformation

Successfully completed several projects in the field of Digital Transformation

  • Organizational and process audit (IT / E-Commerce) for a leading Swiss retailer.
  • Trade sale: WTV CH AG, Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG.
  • Positioning and Options for market entry, in a growth initiative for a subsidiary of a Swiss Blue-Chip company.
  • Detailed Business plan and partner portfolio (Growth initiative to boost revenues x3 until 2020) of a Swiss Blue-Chip company.
  • Asset-Deal: WTV CH AG sold Assets to Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG.

IPO- and Trade Sale Preparation and Execution

Been a key advisor in several IPO and trade-sale situations *

  • Symetis (medtech): IPO-preparation.
  • PharmaSwiss (specialty pharma) sold to Valeant (EUR 350m) following IPO-preparation.
  • BRAHMS (diagnostics) sold to Thermo Fisher (EUR 330m).
  • Vivacta (diagnostics) sold to Novartis (USD 90m).
  • Osmotex (electroosmotic membrane): Board member.

* Includes transactions of team members whiles working at other companies

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marcus garbe

Dr. Marcus Garbe

Managing Partner & Founder
Graduate Business Administration
and PhD Economics

  • 20 + years experience as Managing Director, entrepreneur and consultant.
  • Expert in Entertainment & Ticketing, Digitalization & New Mobility.
  • Worked for ifo-institute, Roland Berger & Partner, argonauten / Grey Global, REPLY, Ticketcorner, founded diverse Start-ups.
  • Studied Business Administration and Economics in Hamburg, Cologne, Barcelona and Cambridge (USA).
marcus garbe

Anna-Marie Garbe-Danuser

Partner & Finance / Admin.
Certified Fiduciary, Adv. Federal Diploma of Higher Education

  • 25 + years experience in Swiss and international taxation and structuring.
  • Active Member of IFA and Treuhand Suisse.
  • Expert in Advising international high- net-worth individuals and corporates in the fields of structuring and succession planning.
  • Worked for Credit Suisse Trust, KPMG, LGT Trust, Credit Suisse (Deutschland) AG, Quadris AG
marcus garbe

Lars-Kristian Bråten

Associate Partner
MBA and State Authorized Public
Accountant (Norway)

  • 20 + years experience from leading venture capital and audit firms as well as venture capital financed companies.
  • Expert in IPO- and trade-sale preparation and execution.
  • Worked for Deloitte, Ernst & Young, HBM Partners and Symetis.
  • Studied at NHH Bergen, Norway.
christian soeder

Christian Söder

Associate Partner
Graduate Business Administration,
Certified German Tax Advisor and Auditor

  • 20 + years experience as CFO, Tax Advisor and Auditor.
  • Automotive Industry Expert and Expert in audits for SMEs to provide internal and external reporting, including IFRS and US GAAP.
  • Worked for Haarmann Hemmelrath, Arthur Andersen, PWC (CZ), Muhr und Bender (CZ).
  • Studied Business Administration in Tubingen.
michael eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg

Senior Advisor
Graduate Industrial Engineering

  • 20 + years experience as Consultant and project manager.
  • Expert in Strategy and Organization in the media industry.
  • Worked for Roland Berger & Partner, Eversmann & Partner, Dr. Michael Taeger & Partner, dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur
  • Studied Industrial Engineering in Hamburg.